How to install Pimcore X on Docker + ddev

In the terminal:

mkdir pimcore
cd pimcore
ddev config --project-type=php

In the .ddev folder, edit the "config.yaml" file:

name: pimcore
type: php
docroot: project/public
php_version: "8.0"
webserver_type: apache-fpm
router_http_port: "80"
router_https_port: "443"
xdebug_enabled: false
additional_hostnames: []
additional_fqdns: []
mariadb_version: "10.3"
mysql_version: ""
use_dns_when_possible: true
composer_version: ""
web_environment: []

Continue in the terminal:

COMPOSER_MEMORY_LIMIT=-1 composer create-project pimcore/skeleton project
ddev start
ddev ssh
cd project
export PIMCORE_INSTALL_MYSQL_HOST_SOCKET=db:3306;  vendor/bin/pimcore-install

During the installation process you will be asked to provide a login and password for your admin account and access to the database.

The database user name, password and database name is: db

Now type in the terminal:


That's all, your Pimcore system is now available at